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Does my background have to be a medical profession to succeed as a medical staffing business owner?

No. Our business owners have diverse backgrounds. Some are medical professionals but others have backgrounds in business and other professions. If you have an unwavering desire to become your own boss, operate your own business and the ability to interact well with people, you have the basic foundation.

How much capital will I need to afford having my own medical staffing business?

You will need a franchise fee of $45,000, an estimated start-up cost of $33,500 and an estimated operational fund of $50,000 to invest in your medical staffing business.

Does MSP offer financing to prospective business owners?

No. MSP Consulting does not run like a franchise enterprise and we provide lots of information and knowledge for our business owners to succeed.

Will I receive training for MSP Consulting opportunity?

Yes, MSP offers comprehensive training for all of its programs. We believe that education and knowledge are very important factors in the success of operating a medical staffing business. In addition to offering comprehensive training, MSP regularly offers continuing education and in-service training programs which clients bear all expenses.

How much can I expect to earn in my first year?

Your earning potential cannot be predicted because most of it will depend on the efforts and the amount of time you will invest in your own business. Other factors like location, federal, state and local government regulations may also play a role. In any case, we will give you all the tools to succeed in your business endeavor.

Do you offer territorial protection?

No. Our business owners select their own preferred locations. However, we suggest not to be housed in a competitor’s building.

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